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Aswang Tribe Discord Updates

Disclaimer: This is not the official Medium website for Aswang Tribe Collection and the original Aswang Collection found in OpenSea. This medium article is community-driven and serves only as a Medium compilation of the already existing FAQs on Discord. Anything written here should not be misconstrued as financial advice.

Also, no one from the team and the hosts will ever DM you about stealth mints and fake OpenSea listings. Turn your DMs off and stay safe out there.

To get to know more about Aswang Tribe Collection and the Team, read here first.

After three months of twitter interactions and games, BISITA 🎫 (Visitor) passes were given out to deserving community members. Most of them were ascended to KAKAMPI 👁 (Mintlist) through the weekly Ascension Ceremony.

Full access to the server is now only available to community members who have the DEBOTO 🙏(Waitlist) and KAKAMPI 👁 (Mintlist) roles.

Art by Hijo

Throughout this week, May 9–13, DEBOTO 🙏 (Waitlist) roles will be generously given out through our daily Twitter interaction posts and genuine Discord engagement. You can also get one by winning in the daily games that we hold in the Discord livestream channel. Winners of DEBOTO 🙏 (Waitlist) roles are given access by batches.

DEBOTO 🙏 is not Mintlist.

DEBOTO 🙏 role is basically WAITLIST. Members who have the DEBOTO 🙏 role will have a chance to mint the remaining supply with their fellow DEBOTOs after the KAKAMPI 👁 and holders of the 1/1 Aswang Collection (TIMAWA 🌳, MAHARLIKA 🌊, MAGINOO 🔮, LAKAN 👑) mint their allocation if they so choose to proceed.

There will be no ascension from DEBOTO 🙏 (Waitlist) roles to KAKAMPI 👁 but each DEBOTO 🙏 will have a raffle ticket that will get them a chance to win a free Aswang Tribe airdropped straight to their wallet (No Mint Fee! No Gas Wars!).

If you have won a Mintlist spot in one of our many project collabs, you will be given the KAKAMPI 👁 role and will enter the server together with your fellow winners. Please be patient regarding this since we also give server access to Mintlist collab winners in batches.

There are FOUR CLANS vying for dominance in a year-long Clan War.


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Banner by p4nkeyk | RK


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Each member of the Aswang Tribe discord is free to join any clan they want once they get inside the server. Think CAREFULLY before picking. You can only pick a clan ONCE.

Daily games, contests and events are held in the discord. Winning these will reward you with BALUT (ERC-1155 utility tokens) and reward your clan with points. You can only participate in discord events if you have already joined a clan.


A brief overview of the discord events and associated rewards:

Clan War (Live Streamed. 3 events per day at random times.)
— 10 Points for your Clan + 1 Balut

Best Fan Art of the Day
— 10 Points for your Clan + 1 Balut

Best Meme of the Day
— 10 Points for your Clan + 1 Balut

Best Shitpost of the Day
— 5 Points for your Clan

Egg Day (Every Monday)
Winner — 20 Points for you Clan + 3 Baluts
First Runner Up — 10 Points for your Clan +2 Baluts
Second Runner Up — 5 Points for your Clan + 1 Balut
First Blood (First Submission Award) — 1 Balut

The winners of the daily Meme, Fan Art, and Shitpost contests will be chosen by the Dev Team. Winners of Egg Day entries are decided through votes. No reposts allowed. If there are no high-quality submissions for the day, the team has the discretion to not award any points.

NOTE: The @LAKAN 👑 (owner of the most pieces of 1/1 art by Aswang) has a 5x multiplier for clan point rewards in any game or activity that they personally win.

You can also earn points for your clan by submitting more complex / involved creations at #🔥-your-creations channel. This includes (but is not limited to):

— Doing fan videos
Making comic strips / 4koma
— Creating songs
— Writing lore
— Creating unofficial Aswang Tribe merch
— Creating Aswang Tribe crop circles
— Asking Hard Rock Nick (or the current flavor-of-the-week e-celeb) to give Aswang Tribe a shoutout on Cameo

Fanart by kimura
Unofficial Merch by Joecarm.eth
Music by Web3 Rev0lution

The Clan points and Balut awarded for these will be determined by the complexity and quality of works submitted and will be up to the discretion of the Team.

The first year of the Clan War will end on January 1, 2023. The clan with the most points by the start of the new year will be crowned the winner of the 1st Aswang Tribe Clan War. An IRL bronze statue will be erected in their honor to commemorate their victory, and a cash prize will be awarded to a charity of the winning clan’s choosing.

The Ogassi Shrine is a sacred location in the Aswang Tribe server. Inside, you can pray to Ogassi by using the !pray command.

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Ogassi is the one-eyed Creator God of the Aswang Tribe.

Art by Aswang

By praying to Ogassi at his shrine, you can receive his blessing and obtain the BLESSED ✨ status.Is there a blessing rank higher than #BLESSED?
Yes. Below is a list of all blessing ranks and how to obtain them:

Obtainable by praying in the Ogassi Shrine
(command = !pray)

Obtainable by praying in ???? while you have the #BLESSED status (command = !superpray)

Obtainable by praying in ???? while you have the #SUPERBLESSED status (command = !megapray)

Obtainable by praying in ???? while you have the #MEGABLESSED status (command = !ultrapray)

Obtainable by praying in ???? while you have the #ULTRABLESSED status (command = !diamondpray)

Obtainable by praying in ???? while you have the #DIAMONDBLESSED status (command = !platinumpray) (48-hour user cooldown)

Obtainable by praying in ???? while you have the #PLATINUMBLESSED status
(command = !gigapray) (48-hour user cooldown)

Obtainable by praying in ???? while you have the #GIGABLESSED status (command = !omegapray) (48-hour user cooldown)

Speaking to OGASSI in ???? while you are #OMEGABLESSED will give you The Golden Balut.

The Golden Balut

Golden Balut + Anito = ASWANG #00 airdrop (a 1/1 art piece from the Aswang Collection).

Anyone can reach the #OMEGABLESSED rank even if they do not own an Aswang.

All blessings can be bought, sold, and traded amongst collectors.

Blessings cannot be destroyed or burned, only exchanged with other collectors.

To exchange your blessing with another collector, a mutual agreement must be made between the two of you.

Once you have agreed on the exchange, both of you can simply go to The Tambayan channel and tag Anagolay 👁 so she can perform the blessing exchange.

Anagolay art by Aswang

The locations in the server where you can use the !superpray, !megapray,
!ultrapray, !diamondpray, !platinumpray, !gigapray,
and !omegapray commands to gain a higher blessing rank are intended to be a mystery for you to solve.

If you manage to find them, you will receive an automated private DM from an automated bot and your blessing rank will automatically change.

We leave it to your discretion if you want to share your discovery with the people in the community or sell your blessing to someone else for a fee.

To reiterate, the messages from Ogassi (both public and DMs) are automated. We do not check any prayer commands manually. It’s all bots, and these functions have been heavily play-tested.

Art by Aswang

The Ascension Ceremony was a weekly event where we read out the names and ascend a generous number of BISITA 🎫 (Visitor Role) to KAKAMPI 👁 (Mintlist Role). It was held on weekends the past three months and coincides with our community singing and talent contest called Aswangs Got Talent.

WE ARE A NO-GRIND SERVER and we value genuine conversations over forced interactions or spamming. We are a diverse community composed of artists, project founders, students, builders, memers, gamers, engineers, doctors, scientists, etc — and thus, we value everyone’s time.

The BISITA 🎫 role was simply a getting-to-know you phase that we’ve put in place to allow new members to get acquainted with the tribe and vice-versa. We are now only giving out DEBOTO 🙏 roles from here on out.

Music by Web3 Rev0lution feat. Stained

Community members who ascended from BISITA 🎫 to KAKAMPI 👁 simply showed they are genuine people who want to build, grow, and vibe with the Tribe.

Honorary NFTs for ratwell0x and SSG by Aswang

Exceptional community members are given Honorary Aswang Tribe made for and airdropped to them by Aswang to show appreciation for supporting the tribe and providing value to the community. Honoraries are also given out to outstanding projects and personalities in the NFT space.

Late May. Further details soon. Just keep praying.

Follow the only Official Aswang Tribe Twitter Account here.
Join the only Official Aswang Tribe Discord Server here.

Art by: AswangNFT, Hijo, p4nkeyk | RK, kimura, Joecarm.eth, Web3 Rev0lution, flashyflash__, Lengthwise, and Stained
Compiled by: bip



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Broke Graduate Student. Chemical Engineer. Occasional Writer. Motivated by Deadlines.