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Disclaimer: This is not the official Medium website for Aswang Tribe Collection and the original Aswang Collection found in OpenSea. This medium article is community-driven and serves only as a Medium compilation of the already existing FAQs on Discord. Anything written here should not be misconstrued as financial advice.

Also, no one from the team and the hosts will ever DM you about stealth mints and fake OpenSea listings. Turn your DMs off and stay safe out there.


Aswang Tribe is a collection of 3333 generative NFTs on ETH. These 3333 Genesis Aswang will form the beating heart and foundation of a decentralized metaverse brand that aims to be:

  1. The first Filipino blue-chip NFT project (in the short term);

— 1111 Tikbalang (Badass horses)
— 1111 Siyokoy (Chad fish)
— 1111 Duwende (Qt mushrooms)

Art by Aswang

The Genesis Aswang will be minted on a custom contract that will allow Staking and Breeding from Day 1. Staking your Genesis Aswang will produce $DUGO utility tokens (ERC-20). Gather enough $DUGO tokens (the word “Dugo” means Blood in Filipino) and you can breed an Aswang from the fourth clan — the Manananggal (Bat demon waifus). A total of 3333 Manananggal can be bred.


Aswang, Founding Artist


Expert Artist. Amateur Shitposter. Creator of the Aswang Collection — the first local Filipino art project to reach 100+ ETH trading volume on OpenSea. Provides the vision and art for Aswang Tribe.

DeliciousMangoez, Head of Marketing


Software Developer. Consistently the nicest guy in the room. Moderator for World of Women, Hunnys, Sad Girls Bar and Ruumz. Builds brand partnerships and collaborations for Aswang Tribe.

Liz, Head of Community Affairs


Den Mother. Armchair Psychotherapist. Invented Aswang Tribe’s clan system and continues to craft new, innovative ways to foster camaraderie and good vibes among the degens that call this discord home.


The NFT space moves too fast to pursue a static roadmap. The Dev Team will focus on the big picture — the short, medium, and long term goals outlined at the start of this FAQ. We will remain agile, flexible and collaborate closely with the community to find new and innovative ways to make the Tribe grow.

However, these are the following Day 1 Features of the Aswang Tribe Collection:


Each Genesis Aswang (Tikbalang, Siyokoy, Duwende) can be staked to produce 5 $DUGO utility tokens (ERC-20) per day. The $DUGO utility tokens will allow holders to access exclusive experiences and features that will continuously be added to the project as the Aswang Tribe grows larger. The first feature that $DUGO can be used for is Breeding.


Stake 2 Genesis Aswang and burn 900 $DUGO tokens to breed one (1) Manananggal. The Manananggal will be minted in the same collection as the 3333 genesis Aswang but cannot be staked and will produce no utility tokens.

You do not lose your Genesis Aswang after breeding. You can use the same Genesis Aswang to breed another Manananggal as long as you burn another 900 $DUGO tokens.

Art by Aswang

The traits of the Manananggal are purely random and are not inherited from the Genesis Aswang used to breed them. Staking 2 Genesis Aswang unlocks the breeding function and has no minimum time requirement. You can stake, breed, and then immediately unstake afterwards if you wish to do so.

Aswang DAO

33% of all secondary royalties will go to a Community Vault. All Aswang holders will decide how best to utilize the funds via a DAO vote. 1 Aswang = 1 Vote. You want to create an Aswang game? Aswang comic? Aswang anime? AswangFest? FidenzAswang? Submit your proposal to Aswang DAO for funding!


We want your Aswang to be your identity in every metaverse that you visit. In pursuit of this goal, after the initial mint is done, we will begin crafting animated pixel art and 3D versions of your Aswang that are designed to plug into the major emerging NFT metaverse projects (Sandbox, Worldwide Webb 3,, etc)


YES. Aswang Collection is the personal 1/1 art project of Aswang (solo project). Aswang Tribe, on the other hand, is a team effort between Aswang, DeliciousMangoez, and Liz.

Some of the Aswang 1/1 Collection
Some of the Aswang Tribe Collection (not minted yet)

Aswang will resume the 1/1 drops for Aswang Collection once the mint for the Aswang Tribe generative has concluded. A dedicated website will also be built containing the info and game mechanics of Aswang Collection in order to keep this discord focused on Aswang Tribe.

Once the mint for Aswang Tribe is done and the community vault is launched, you can also request funding for more complex and capital-intensive projects by submitting your proposal to the Aswang DAO. These projects would include (but are not limited to):

— Launching an Aswang Tribe derivative NFT project
— Organizing and IRL get-together for Aswang Tribe members
— Crafting an Aswang Tribe music album
— Creating an Aswang Tribe E-Sports Team
— Creating an Aswang Game
— Creating an Aswang Anime

Approval of your project proposal and the amount of funding to be allocated to it from the community vault will be determined via a DAO vote. No Balut will be awarded for spearheading these more capital-intensive projects (only capital). The amount of clan points awarded for these projects will be determined by the complexity and quality of the project and will be up to the discretion of the Team.

For the most recent Discord updates in the Aswang Tribe server, read here.

Follow the Official Aswang Tribe Twitter Account here.
Join the only Official Aswang Tribe Discord Server here.

Art by: AswangNFT
Compiled by: bip



Broke Graduate Student. Chemical Engineer. Occasional Writer. Motivated by Deadlines.

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Broke Graduate Student. Chemical Engineer. Occasional Writer. Motivated by Deadlines.